Privacy Policy

The application does not require any user registration therefore all information is completely anonymised. We take privacy very seriously and take all measures within our means to make sure even the anonymised data is secure.

For us it is very important that when using this app you respect other people's privacy and do not send any unreasonable requests! We cannot take any responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of using this application.

Terms and Conditions

Who May Use the WhereAreYou App

In order to use the Where Are You App or Website ("App"), you should at least be 13 years old. Your use of this App will be void where prohibited. By using this App, you hereby represent and warrant that you have the right and legal capacity to be governed by this Agreement, and also your irrevocable consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Your further warrant that you are using this App for legitimate purposes, and not for any illegal or immoral purpose.

License To Use The App

The App Owner ("Company") hereby gives you a limited, personal, non-exclusive license to access the App for your own personal use. Being a personal license, you may not assign or sublicense it to someone else. Apart from this, your usage of the App should not be for for any commercial purposes.

Furthermore, you shall not repackage, recreate, reproduce, reverse engineer, decompile, or make derivative works of the App. All the rights of the Company in the App are absolutely reserved.

The use of this App will require compatible devices, appropriate Internet access, as well required accompanying software (including its various updates). Depending on your default settings, and available resources for such requirements, the performance of your use of the App may be affected by these factors. You shall hold the Company harmless from any liability which may arise from any substandard performance of the App owing to the lack of your required settings and resources for the proper functioning of the App.

The Company reserves the right to choose and maintain which users may use its App, or how many users/devices may be associated with each Account registration of the App. The Company recommends that you use the most updated version of the App in order to achieve optimal performance and features. You hereby irrevocably agree that the task of updating your App, and procuring the appropriate device requirements for its proper functionoing is your sole responsibility, and therefore you hereby disclaim any liability on the part of the Company for any substandard performance of the App that is caused by any of these factors.

Use of Location-based Services

The Company, its advertisers,and its licensors, may provide particular features/ads/services through the App which may rely upon device-based location information. In order to be able to do this, the Company and its affiliates may collect, utilize, transmit, collate, and retain your location data, which may include, but is not particularly limited to the geographic location of your device, your geographic location as indicated by your operating system, and the services in your device which may transmit information that pertains your location. If you do not agree to give your consent for the App to get information regarding your location from varoius sources, then you are hereby advised to stop your usage of the app.

The App shall not be used in any way whatsoever as a substitute for situations where precise locational information is needed. While the Company endeavors to provide the best location based services for finding your friends, the Company disclaims any liability, and does not make any guarantees or warranties in terms of the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the location data which its services provides.

Availability Of The Service

The App service provided by the Company, or any feature or component thereof, may have geographical limitations for the scope of its services, and also depending on your particular location. Since this App was intended by the Company to function primarily in the UK, therefore, it may not be available for all languages or countries. Hence, the Company makes no representations or warranties regarding the immediate availability of the App for any situation, or for every user in every location, where ever the latter may be.

Code Of Conduct; Prohibited Activities

In using the App, you must behave in a civil and respectful manner at all times. Hence, by using this App, you promise not to:

Access To The App And Site

The Company does not guarantee that you will have access to the App at any given time. Some interruptions may occur on account of circumstances beyond our control, or because maintenance has to be carried out on our program. The Company hereby does not warrant, and makes no guarantees regarding the quality, performance, functionality, availability, accuracy, or performance of the App, and the Company reserves the right to modify, withdraw, amend any part of the service provided without any notice or liability to you.

You are absolutely accountable on your own to make arrangements for the proper functioning of the App, including the proper Internet and Mobile provider and fees, or any other charges which may be required for basic access. You shall hold the Company free from any liability regarding any impaired functionality that you may encounter as a result of poor connection, or incompatible devices, whether currently known or developed in the future.


For your convenience, the Company may install links in its site or App for your easy reference. The Content which these links lead to is managed by third parties who are beyond the control of the Company. As such, you absolutely agree to hold the Company free from any liability against any danger or potential danger which you might incur by visiting the sites which are being linked to by such links.

Intellectual property

You hereby irrevocably agree not to violate and/or infringe the content and intellectual property of the Company on its App, which may include the text, pictures, images, and documents, as well as other copyrighted material. You shall not infringe, modify, or utilize such intellectual property for your own personal gain, or even the derivative versions of such intellectual property of the Company.


In any case, and by using the App, you hereby agree to hold the Company free from any form of liability which may arise from your usage this site/App, or on your reliance on its services or the content which may be found herein. In case of conflict between the statements found on the site/App and this document, these terms and conditions shall be controlling.

You also agree that The Company may restrict, limit in scope, prohibit, or suspend your usage of the App in its sole discretion, or for whatever reason as it sees fit.

Jurisdiction and Venue

Any dispute in the interpretation or enforcement of this agreement shall be exclusively governed, to the exclusion of all other jurisdictions, by the laws of Englang and Wales. Any delay in the enforcement by The Company of its rights in this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of its rights, within or without this agreement.

Privacy Policy

  1. By using the Where Are You App and Website (“App”), you hereby irrevocably give your consent to be bound by this Privacy Policy of the App. This Privacy Policy is the governing document between The Company who owns the App (“Company”) and you as regards to any information which you may provide to the App and the Company, whether directly or indirectly. If you disagree in anyway with any of the provisions herein, you are hereby advised not to proceed with your usage of this App, until such time as you are agreeable with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  2. In order to use the App, you may be required to create an account. During the account creation process, you will be required to provide information which may include your email, name, profile photo or any other types of information which the Company, in its sole discretion, may require. You also consent to enable the Company to use your computer or mobile to provide information regarding your location.
  3. Your usage of the App may lead you to directly or indirectly provide us information which you have given to third party social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other site which you have linked to the App. You hereby disclaim any liability on the part of the App from the utilization of information about you which has been procured, whether directly or indirectly, from these social media sites.
  4. You also hereby give the Company your consent to store and save your log data and location when you use the App. Your log data is consisted, but not limited to information regarding your browser, or the information sent by your device whenever you access the App. This may include the data from your servers consisting of your IP address, specific web pages or landing pages that you have visited, time logs of requests, analytics data and navigation patterns, and cookies.
  5. For the full enjoyment of the App, you are encouraged to turn on your cookies. When using the App, you hereby immediately give your consent or permission for the Company to use your cookies. Cookies are files placed by your computer or mobile device for times when you visit the App, and this cookie is distinct for your account, or browser, or equivalent technologies for logging data.
  6. Other data analytics which we may gather, and for improvement of our App services through the study of user information, may include the device that you are using, your operating system, the settings of your device, or other information such as your unique device identifiers.
  7. Apart from this, we collect your information to foster the improvement and development of the App so that it can become more responsive to your needs. You expressly agree to give your consent for the Company to utilize your information to send you responsive ads and promotions.
  8. You expressly agree that the Company and the App may utilize your information, specific demographics and marketing profile for transactions in relation to its third party affiliates and partners. We may also use the information for specific endeavors with regard to capabilities, functions, and development of the App.
  9. Any change in this Privacy Policy may be made by the Company, free from any breach, and is immediately enforceable and binding upon you. The Company, in its sole discretion, shall notify you through the medium it sees fit to use for spreading the said amendments.
  10. You hereby irrevocably and expressly hold the Company free from any liability which may arise from the usage of your Personal Information.

Deletion of User Data

  1. There are no user accounts in the WhereAreYou app, therefore we don't store any data related to any user accounts.